Analysis Of Homer Hickam's October Sky

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“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.” Jesse Owens said discussing the correlation between determination and making dreams come true. This message translates directly to Homer Hickam 's memoir October Sky. This theme emerge very early in the book in Sonny’s many relationships; then later in his interests and goals. Sonny is determined to achieve his goals, even after multiple failures. Sonny soon recognizes these values and how they are essential component in the Rocket Boy’s success. Homer Hickam’s memoir October Sky shows through Sonny’s rocketry endeavors, his strained relationship with his father, and his overall goal to leave…show more content…
The theme of determination is really shown by the relationship between Sonny and his father. They are very different people with personalities that tend to clash. Sonny’s relationship with his father became distant when he was young, in part to his mother’s insistence. When his grandfather commented that he’s just like his father she responded by telling Sonny: “No, you’re not, you’re not.” She instilled in Sonny that he’s not like his father, which really affected Sonny and his dad’s relationship later on. It is apparent throughout the book that Sonny wants his father’s acceptance. “I listened, amazed, not that he was saying what he was saying, but that he would share such thoughts with me. I felt proud, grown-up.” This quote demonstrates Sonny’s quiet need to be appreciated by his father, even though Homer seemingly does not care about his interest in rockets. Homer Hickam Sr. at first sees Sonny as an embarrassment and was sure he was going to fail. However, when he sees Sonny’s determination to build rockets, he decides to support him. “‘No way,’ he said. ‘And that’s final.’ The tubing showed up on the back porch, later leaning against a far corner, along with some bar stock as well. I took it, no questions asked, still letting the old dog soak up the sun. If dad wanted to pretend he wasn’t really helping me, who was I to argue with him.” This quote is an example of Homer’s silent support of Sonny’s rocketry endeavors. Sonny’s father ended up being a huge help in the
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