Analysis Of Honest Abe By Barbara Radner

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Abraham Lincoln was not just an important president, He also did a lot more than you might that not know about. In the stories “Honest Abe” by Barbara Radner, she informs you how honest Abraham Lincoln was. She showed us that Abraham Lincoln walked two miles to repay someone that he overpaid. In the article “Backwoods Boy” By Russell Freedman, he explains how Abraham Lincoln was loyal to his family and explained to us how he grew up and was loyal to his family. Honest Abe was to persuade us that he is Honest and Backwoods Boy was to inform us about Honesty. Both of these articles have similarities and differences, “Honest Abe” persuades us, However “Backwoods Boy” informed us. and both articles tell the readers how honest and loyal Abraham Lincoln was yet from different perspectives.

Furthermore, In the article “Honest Abe” by Barbara Radner the writer is trying to persuade us that Lincoln was the most Honest and Loyal person. For example, in Paragraph 3 it said “One day a woman bought goods in Offutt’s store amounting to something over two dollars. “After closing the store, though it was late, he could not go home to supper or to bed till he had restored that sixpence to its proper owner. She lived more than two miles away, but that did not matter to Abe Lincoln. He walked all the way their and back.“ This explains that Abe Lincoln walked a long way to repay someone. He wants Honest. He could not just wait he needed to get it done. He was loyal to the town. He made sure
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