Analysis Of Hoot By Carl Hiaasen

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The book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen focuses on a curious boy who finds himself helping out owls that are being pushed out of their homes due to a construction taking place. Roy is on the bus one day as he is being bullied by Dana Matherson. Roy’s face gets pushed against the window as he see’s a boy running beside the bus. Roy was curious to know who the running boy was and why he was running, Roy later finds out that the running boy does not attend to any school near which then makes Roy interested to find out who the running boy is. The book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen consists of simile, imagery, diction to convey that always do what’s right it’s better than doing what’s wrong therefore the person will create a positive impact. Throughout the story, we learn that one always has a chance to make the right decision.…show more content…
Roy goes to Beatrice to clear up the incident that happened on the bus, he then says to Beatrice,” Next time you’ve got a problem just tell me, and then we’ll sit down and talk about it like civilized human beings” (Hiaasen 42). Hiaasen compares Roy and Beatrice to civilized human beings. Using this simile lets readers know that Beatrice isn’t acting like a human being when Roy tries to talk. One life lesson that could be learned from this is that when someone is mad at someone it is better to set the differences aside and talk it
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