Analysis Of Hop On Pop: Associative Play

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My game is based on the story Hop on Pop by Dr.Seuss because the objects that are to be match are from the story. Also, the completing of the image of Pop being hopped on.It 's suitable for young children because it 's colourful, big, and easy to play. What makes it fun is the work together to solve the puzzle. The age level of this activity is 3-5 years.This activity encourages associative play, which is when the children interact with each other borrowing pieces, and attempting to influence each other’s behaviour.Associative play is usually between the ages of 3-4.This game is trial and error type of learning because the child continues to try different pieces to see if they match up together. It could also be guided learning because if…show more content…
This game connects to the child’s physical, Intellectual, emotional, and social development. Physical development is the maturation of bones,muscles,motor skills, and senses. Physically, the child enhances their fine and gross motor skills. For example, when the child reaches for the puzzle piece the child is using large muscles, and when they pick up the piece they’re using the pincer grip which is the small muscles.Intellectual development is the improving of mental processes, memory, perception, and imagination. Intellectually,the puzzle stimulates the left side of the brain which is in control of their problem solving skills. So, when they look for words that rhyme they are in the process expanding their vocabulary, and also solving the puzzle which is more concrete based knowledge.Emotional development is the regulation of emotions,social skills, identity, personality, and morals.When it comes to the emotional aspect of the game the child is improving the their ability to appropriately show emotion at the appropriate time. Also, they learn to display patience while they wait their turn, and.Social development is the evolution of knowledge of how people interact, play, share, and take turns.When the child is doing this activity they can work together to help each other solve the puzzle,and encourage each other
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