Analysis Of Horrors Of FEMA Disaster Relief

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Kendra Bogosian Geography 1401-001 10/28/15 Current Event 2 There has been much debate over the years, among Americans, questioning whether FEMA is doing more harm than good. In the article, “Horrors of FEMA disaster Relief,” many facts are given to discredit FEMA. WND discusses how the brain behind FEMA’s decision-making process is complete chaos. Some states have had to “hire consulting firms just to try to navigate the paperwork, with consultants earning as much as $180 an hour – all of which is billed to American taxpayers,” when they already are required to pay enormous amounts of money to the government. FEMA, once supplied Hurricane Katrina victims with trailers that had excessive toxic levels of formaldehyde, that lead to the illness of many. It is clear throughout the rest of this article that FEMA is no longer succeeds at the job they were given in the beginning, many ask, “what happened to the days when communities and churches were the places Americans turned to for help?” America is ready to stop relying on the government to come to the rescue and start taking matters into their own hands and accomplishing it the way it should be done. ("Horrors of FEMA Disaster Relief." WND. N.p., 18 Nov. 2012. Web. 28 Oct. 2015). On the contrary, Steve Vogel discusses the praise that…show more content…
Throughout the years, FEMA has been scorned for its lack of response to many disasters. FEMA is now getting recognition from government officials in response to the progress they have made and the good they are doing. Mitt Romney said that he believes, “FEMA plays a key role in working with states and localities to prepare for and respond to natural disasters.” Romney then later went on to say that if he were to become president, “he would ensure FEMA has the funding it needs to work with starts and localities.” (Vogel, Steve. "Officials and Experts Praising…show more content…
FEMA might not be able to provide supplies to the victims that the community and the church’s can. Yes, FEMA has made mistakes in the past, but we all make mistakes, no one is perfect, it is not like they purposefully hurt those victims. Yes, it will always be a question of where the funding comes from for FEMA, but even if it is from our taxes, we know that they went to a good cause. Scientific research can start with researching how severe the events have been that FEMA has responded to and if FEMA had the correct supplies and knowledge they needed to handle the tragic events. This can determine if the mishaps where because of FEMA directly or if because they did not have the correct funding and knowledge they needed. Horrors of FEMA Disaster Relief." WND. N.p., 18 Nov. 2012. Web. 28 Oct. 2015 Vogel, Steve. "Officials and Experts Praising FEMA for Its Response to Hurricane Sandy." N.p., 1 Nov. 2012. Web.

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