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The title poem 'House of Thousand Doors ' uses the title metaphor to describe the variety of forces that operate on the person 's gender, heritage, language, experience, ideology and the search for meaning. It is a collection of poems and prose pieces that reflect Alexander 's multicultural heritage and the tension it creates. The book is organized into three sections, the first and third section serving as a synthesis for the wide variety of subjects and themes treated in the body of the work and other section reflects the domination of women at the behest of a patriarchal society. A complex array of images embodies these forces in the book, reflecting the author 's sensitivity to their influence. Many of the poems reflect the writer 's subjective response to her experience, many also project or create new experiences that underscore the importance of imagination as a lens through which to focus the inner life into poetry. Alexander uses her writing to integrate the diversity of her experience. She realizes that her ethnicity demands and past memories haunt her. In India she says, "everything is colored with hierarchy, authority, and traditions (57)." No one feels its burden.
In America she came face to face with subtle form of racism and violence. For a writer, there are several kinds of death for instance the loss of one 's language or the forgetfulness of the body. In her collection of poems House of thousand Doors, the past took the form of an ancestor, a

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