Analysis Of How Lucky You Are By Debi Alper

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Everyone has everyday problems nevertheless, as citizens in a western country we are often oblivious as to how remarkable a life we have and we ought to be reminded, which is why people exclaim “Think of the starving children in Africa”. Being appreciative of the life you have is a central theme in the text “How Lucky You Are” by Debi Alper. The short story is focused around the adolescent Max from England who is living life without caring too much or setting high goals for himself. He then meets Ishraqi from Iran who inspires him after only a day. Ishraqi was in danger in Iran due to her parents being anti government demonstrators and therefore she tries to escape to England. Her story unconsciously impacts Max and furthermore motivates him to be a little more ambitious and appreciate how lucky he is. The text is composed both as a circle composition and a flashback. It is a circle composition by cause of the conclusion of the story which returns to the introduction. Ergo it all ends where it begins. The title furthermore indicates that the theme of the short story is about realising that the world is not consistently generous and therefore you ought to make the best of it. The climax in the text is where Ishraqi is walking in to discover if she will be deported or not and the conflict is man against society by reason of how the Home Office is stopping Ishraqi from reaching her goal. There is obviously a beginning, middle and an end to the story. First off in the

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