Analysis Of How Lucky You Are By Debi Alper

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Do you ever stop for a second to think about how lucky you are? Or do you just take everything in life for granted. You see Max doesn’t stop for a second to remember how lucky he is, until he meets Ishraqi, a parentless girl from Iran, whom is hoping to get a better future in The Great Britain. The short story ‘’ How lucky you are’’ is written by Debi Alper and was published in 2010. It’s about a teenage boy named Max. Max father left him for some years ago, the whole family has been having problems especially Max ever since he left. Max’s mother didn’t take the fact that her husband left her that easy, in fact she has been crying tears at night, ever since the day he left. When Max meets Ishraqi, it was love at first sight, though he’s a bit unsure how to tell what he’s feeling and always tries to say something sensitive and intelligent. But as they begin to talk he gets to know, that she is waiting for her meeting to start at the asylum center, so it suddenly hits him that he could show her around in London while waiting for her meeting, so he could get her better to know. They quickly bond and they even share two kisses. When Ishraqi is send back to Iran, Max realizes how lucky he is. He has a loving mother, goes to a good school and he has every single possibility to make it big in life. The short story begins with in medias res which means that the story starts in a midpoint, the situation between max and Isharaqi changes the way max looks at life, and also how he

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