Tame A Wild Tongue

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America, a compilation of immigrants and dreams, has amazed the globe for its sheer existence. Thomas paine, an English intellectual, marveled at America for how the “simple operation of constructing government” and “rights of man… are in cordial unison.” Being an Englishman, his perspective of America was limited because he did not live there to see the true colors of the red, white, and blue. While America seems free and inviting from the outside, the inside of America is overwhelmed with burdening discrimination that deeply affects citizens who are either not male or white. Being a woman in America is unforgiving and burdening. Women are viewed as subordinate to men and are treated more like property instead of intelligent human beings.…show more content…
It has a history of stripping any subordinate culture or outside influence from any citizen that lives within its border. In “ How to Tame A Wild Tongue” , Gloria Anzaldua, the author, vividly describes her experience in being americanized. When she was a child, she would get in trouble for speaking spanish, and be told that if she wanted to be American, she needed to” speak 'American' “(34). They threatened her to assimilate or else she would have no place in her society and be nothing. America depreciates anything that does not abide to the ideal image of the American way of life, which negates Paine’s assertion of America being unified. For example, the cultural assimilation of Native Americans was a period in the late 1700s through 1800s where Native American kids were sent to boarding school to be taught how to be civilized, act,dress, and talk in the American manner. America perceived the natives as savages and needed to be taught how to live their life right, when in reality, America did not approve of their culture since it was not theirs. America’s injustice to other cultures and lifestyles makes it a wretched place, which is the opposite of how Thomas paine depicted
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