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Product The Hunger Bite chocolate bar is a unique chocolate, which is different from other traditional chocolate bars, which only includes the traditional one flavour or a specific type. Hunger Bite is directed to not only younger age groups but also adults. The reason why is because the quality of the chocolate bar consists of being creamy, smooth, rich, crispy, delighting and nutritious. These qualities of the chocolate bar will not only attract many younger groups of children but also adults who are looking for a new taste in flavour. Our chocolate bar is simple, nutritious but also different compared to our competitors. Price The price of the Hunger Bite varies directly on the net quantity. Hunger Bites will sell in two sizes, one being…show more content…
Retail stores, which Hunger Bites will be available, are in all of the capital cities in all provinces and territories in Canada. This way was chosen to directly sell to the customer so that people would get cheaper prices for the Hunger Bites in the U.S. They will also get special deals and discounts from us, for example you buy 2 and get the 3rd one for free. Hunger Bite is also available in franchise convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Hasty Market. It is also available in special channels of distribution that are catalogue sales and e-commerce. These were chosen as the places where you can buy Hunger Bites so that customers can go to almost any store that sells food and are able to buy there. This means that our customer will be able to buy Hunger Bites easily and quickly wherever they…show more content…
The age range is that because our product consists of nuts, which is a hazard to young children. The gender of the target market is both for males and females. The family cycle of our target market would be married people with children or people with children because Hunger Bite is made for children 8 and up. The geographic area in which the target market is is urban and suburban areas because chocolate bars are available in all franchise stores that sell food products. The race/ethnicity of the target market could be any because it is not specifically for one race/ethnicity. The annual income range can be around $100,000 or

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