Analysis Of Hurston´s Dust Tracks On The Road

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Born on January 15, 1891, the location where she has been born has been the object of great debate due to the fact that in her memoir, “Dust Tracks on the Road” she writes that she was born in Eatonville Florida but in reality she was born in Notasulga, Alabama (Lillios). “I was born in a Negro Town. I do not mean by that the black side of an average town. Eatonville, Florida, is and was at the time of my birth, a pure negro town charter, mayor, council, town marshall and all” (Hurston, 1). Hurston was never really introduced to the concept of inferiority when the town she lived in was a completely black township, and not to the racism that thrived in the rest of the country (Boyd). Education was something that Hurston chose to sought after

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