Analysis Of Hye's Escape From North Korea

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Rationale I have chosen to write about a strong, young girl, Hye, who was exposed to an unforgettable trauma, which caused her to resent the country she was born in, North Korea. We will witness her journey from being a brainwashed North Korean citizen into a free American citizen through the diary entries. These diary entries elucidate Hye’s struggles as a North Korean and how that shaped her into the person she is today. The diary entries are informal because Hye, like any other girl, wrote them depending on how she felt, which includes powerful diction that implies how she feels about her aunt's execution in North Korea. The purpose of Hye’s story is to inform people about the relentless actions that occur in North Korea as people are executed for minor offenses. The intended audience ranges from young adults to the elderly, as everyone should be informed about these innocent North Koreans that go through hell every day.…show more content…
This allowed me to connect with the North Korean defector and to put myself in her shoes, and made me think about what I would do in the same situation. A secondary source that I used was from CNN, is called “North Korean defector: Kim will lose power within three years”. The use of power was evident through propaganda across North Korea as it all told me that North Korea was the greatest country on Earth and was a beam of light in world covered in darkness. For part 1 of my English course, we studied Language and Power which is shown as Hye makes the audience adopt opinions and attitudes about North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il, without any outside
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