Analysis Of I Hear America Singing

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People universally have pride in their country. This historical poem is I hear america singing by Walt Whitman. Whitman wrote I hear america singing to show how he thinks america is a working society. What is your thought on america 's working society? After ready this essay do you agree with Whitman;s idea of a working society in america? In Walt Whitman’s poem, “I hear America Singing ,” Whitman describes how America is a working society. Whitman shows that in America has patriotism and pride for one’s country. Whitman also shows individualism. Whitman also describes how the females and males have differences.
Whitman shows individualism in these quotes. In the criticism section of the I hear america singing packet under Sean Robisch. Robisch is responding to Whitman showing individualism in the poem. “But presentism asks too much; the poem’s subject is the connection between physical labor and the paradox of the individual/American voice, in which Whitman includes women as well as men, and which must by necessity focus on the identity Whitman wanted to see America achieve. The color of a worker’s skin is irrelevant in Whitman’s America, and singing is free, both by law and by expense”. (Robish ) this proves that Whitman thinks in america that each person works individually on their job but in the end all of them come together as a nation. This is prove in the poem how Whitman uses individualism. “Each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else (Whitman). By
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