If By Rudyard Kipling Poem Analysis

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Q: In what ways can the poems you have chosen be said to offer a positive view of humanity?
Within all of the poems chosen there is always a positive, a potential, underlying the negatives of human existence. With If, vultures, and Prayer before Birth there is a presence of possibility that humanity however small a portion can be good. War Photographer and A Mother in a Refugee Camp both show the ability to persevere through dire situations. And lastly Do not go Gentle into that Good Night shows the finality of human life and the love which humanity can give. All these poems represent the possibility of human good which offers a positive view of humanity.
The poem If by Rudyard Kipling explores the potential in human beings; it
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Although it accepts some of the faults within humanity, within the poem humanity to retain only the defining qualities of humanity which are negative such as The poem also highlights the wish to be forgiven and to avoid, the unborn child asks for strength against all of which would dissipate his entirety, asking to help keep those things which make him human, so that he may retain his identity. And even though the world is such the child never wishes to be unborn, on the contrary he asks to ‘let them not spill me’. So showing his urge to live. Answer the question
The urge to live is also a main theme within the poem Mother in a Refugee Camp. Within the poem although the mother’s love for her son was even beyond the reach of ‘Madonna and child’ the poem states that ‘she soon would have to forget’. The ellipsis in this quote suggests the omission of feelings which are too raw to be interpreted into words. This shows a deep felt maternal love for in which humanity redeems itself from other sins, also the quote shows the perseverant nature of humanity and its ability to survive and continue even within such a situation, such a world, which is so corrupted and
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