Analysis Of 'Ignite (Your Extraordinary'

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Ignite (Your Extraordinary) – Short Film Report Introduction The story of our short film revolves around an ordinary college girl – eighteen year old Jesslyn. Jesslyn has been stuck in a rut for a really long time. Frustrated and tired with her boring college life, Jesslyn wonders how her life would have been if she were to be doing the things she had always wanted to do. At the heart of Ignite is learning to never give up on ourselves and that it is never too late to start doing the things we always wanted to do in life – what we have always wanted to become, what is truly our passion and what obstructs it all from being real. Genre of the Short Film Ignite is a four minute, stylized drama narrative short film. It is fast paced, with cinematic, ambient and emotive track as the background music. The film focuses mostly on Jesslyn’s “fantasy” – what she really wants in her life and reality. In this short film, the viewers are able to gain insight and a newfound understanding of their hopes and dreams and what is actually stopping them from turning those dreams into a reality. We intended the film to be inspirational and targeted at young adults especially so that they are able to relate well to the story. Young adults in general, including myself, we tend Theories & Experience For our Film Production coursework, my group decided on a drama narrative style short film. I took specific responsibility for the sound and editing in the production of the short film. Before
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