Analysis Of Imagine Dragon's 'Radioactive'

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In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, we have seen people pushing for change to gun laws in this country and it could even be called a revolution. Movements like this and others such as Black Lives Matter or #MeToo have been greatly affecting society recently. In Imagine Dragon’s song “Radioactive”, they explore the idea of people breaking out of the chains of society and their lives to start enacting change in society. Almost 2% of the people in the US have almost all the wealth and people feel trapped in this system which is only making the divide greater and this song depicts a person or people “waking up” from this robot-like system and starting a revolution. Their purpose is to highlight the fact that there are people starting a revolution against our society and its system of oppression. They achieve by using specific diction, the organization of the music, and the analogy of people being robots and being stuck in a system to accomplish their purpose. To get the listener to understand the message behind “Radioactive”, The Imagine Dragon’s use specific diction to emphasize how important it is that people are starting revolutions against certain aspects of society. For example, they use inflammatory words such as “apocalypse” and phrases like “ash and dust” to paint a clear picture to the listener what the oppression of certain people is doing to our world. When they use the word the apocalypse it makes the listener picture a world that has

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