Analysis Of Imagine There's No Heaven By Salman Rushdie

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A common questioning of a higher power beyond the physical realm lingers in society: Who and what is God?. However, many of these theological questions cannot be answered until we of course, die. Due to human’s innate curiosity to understand the forces beyond their own, especially in terms of religion, humans find their own reasons to believe in a higher power in the process of discovery. Religion is a sense of belief and worship to praise a higher power (God), and it provides a guide for human beings to have the opportunity to come together and live as one image of God’s children. “Imagine There’s No Heaven” is an article in which Salman Rushdie, the author, presents an atheistic view where religion is pointless, and a higher being is non-existent. Like most, he questions how humans came into existence, and how the world will end, but rather than using a religious approach, he uses a scientific approach in which his answers are explained by science. His message is that religion has created boundaries for humans to not be able to be themselves. He continues to express that religion acts as a prison for many and as a way to gain power over the few,also to keep us from reaching our potential. He speaks of the deconstruction of religion because it makes people’s need to believe in something for an emotional increase. However, religion isn’t the development of why human beings don 't consolidate with a vital outlook on life.Seemingly Rushdie’s message is expressed
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