Analysis Of In The Heat Of The Sun

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In the Heat of the Sun is about the life of a boy growing up in Beijing during the 1970s at the time of the Cultural Revolution. The title is a direct reference to the narrator 's memory of his childhood setting and environment, it 's a dream like place constantly under the summer sun. The story is built around childhood adolescence, emotions, and development. With key characteristics like showing out, finding yourself, discovering a sense of freedom, and falling in love. This is a film about the character and narrators memory, challenging and combining the way we remember something and what actually happened which makes the viewer question what is the true truth behind our memories. The film takes place in the city of Beijing where it appears empty of adults and over run by the children. The main character Ma Xiaojun, or Monkey’s first memory is that of his father going to calm the tensions between rival Communist groups around the country. Too young to help, Monkey turns to petty crimes, gang violence, and adolescent rebellion to fill this void.…show more content…
Schoolteachers can 't control them as they pull pranks and run through class. Monkeys parents both have a moment when they express discipline but this discipline is hardly seen anytime else. It also seems to have no effect on the young Monkey as he continues his childish rebelion. In the Heat of the Sun treats the Cultural Revolution as a time where the youth of that generation were completely free and living in a world of expression and
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