Inclusive Education: A Case Study

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Question 1
In the writer own view, Inclusive education is the notion that the education system should and must be design to be access by all people and this include people who ordinarily might not have access to education such as people with disabilities and the malnourished people. In other words Inclusive education ensure that a country education system is inclusive, sensitive and responsive to the needs of all children

The UNESCO, (2009) define Inclusive education process of addressing and responding to the diverse needs of all children and the youth, through increasing participation in learning, cultures and communities, and reducing and eliminating exclusion within and from education. It involves changes and modifications
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It involves changes and modifications in content, approaches, structures and strategies, with a common vision which covers all children of appropriate age range and a conviction that it is the responsibility of the regular system to educate all children.” (UNESCO,…show more content…
If the loss is mild, the person has difficulty hearing faint or distant speech. For example children who suffer from hearing loss in my region are not able access information presented in the classroom and interact with other students easily
Research by the State of Queensland Department of Education and Training (2016) also illustrated those learners with hearing disability are not able to acquire and use background knowledge across a range of topics and acquire and demonstrate knowledge in key learning areas.
Question 4

Writing for the Namibian legal assistance journal Dianne (2008) concluded that the right to education has been interpreted at the international level as including the right of a learner not to be discriminated against or “disciplined” because of pregnancy. In my opinion, the Learner Pregnancy Policy is not only aimed at minimizing the occurrence of pregnancies among school learners but also to make rooms for leaners who fall pregnant l to continue with their studies and this is demonstrate that leaners pregnancy is an inclusive issue

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