Analysis Of Individualism And Collectivism In America

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Student Answer: The country I chose that is of interest to me is the United States. During my analysis of how the United States utilizes the 8 cultural dimensions, I have found the following: Individualism and Collectivism Individualism and collectivism are on opposite sides of the fence, so to speak. Individualistic cultures have an independent view of themselves and consider themselves separate from others. On the other hand, people from collectivistic cultures view themselves as being connected to others. Collectivism involves cohesion while individualist societies are those societies that have weak connections between individuals. In such societies, individuals are expected to focus on themselves or their immediate loved ones. Within collectivist societies, individuals are incorporated into sound, united in-groups starting from birth such as extended families. These ties are often guided by security and loyalty (Hofstede, 1984).An analysis of the US shows the US society is individualistic, given its 91 scores on this dimension. This cultural dimension is evident in “The American Dream” goal. The dream depicts the citizens hope for a superior quality of life and a better living standard than that experienced by their parents or guardians. It is the view that any other individual can hitch their wagons to prosper without help from any sources (Cardon, 2013).…show more content…
Identify three writing principles from this chapter that you most need to work on. For each principle, write a paragraph about why you want to improve in this area and how you will go about doing it. Choose from the following writing principles: be specific; be accurate; control paragraph length; use short sentences in most cases; avoid redundancy; avoid empty phrases; use action verbs when possible; use active voice; use short and familiar words and phrases; avoid buzzwords and figures of
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