Analysis Of Individuality In The Film 'THX 1138'

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Analysis Individuality A major theme in the film THX-1138 involves the complete loss of humanity and individuality that faces every minor character in the movie. As a matter of fact, internal forces that lack a visible leader drive the underground society portrayed in the film. In particular, every activity is under heavy scrutiny although no one appears to be in charge. Lawyers discuss laws while a robot police enforces them, but ultimately, every decision is computed. Accordingly, Mike O’Neal pointed out that the entire society is made up of followers (Glettler 4). Despite the lack of leaders, no individual appears capable of performing independent actions. Furthermore, the society has laws that require perfect conformity with the subjects being reminded to follow the motto of “performance perfect is perfect performance” (Glettler 4). Additionally, severe drugs that alter the mind are used to keep every character under intense sedation. Yet, none of the characters can question their use of the drugs because body implants and constant surveillance prevents such inquiries. In addition, the society is indoctrinated with a faith in Ohm to prevent any questioning of the strange social structure. Ohm reminds them that people exist for the masses; thus, individuality is utterly wrong. The utilization of such technological, chemical, and social controls allows every character to carry out mindless or superfluous activities with incredible efficiency. Consequently, the society

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