Interpersonal Communication In Love Stinks

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In the film “Love Stinks”, a sitcom writer named Seth Winnick (French Stewart) spends the night with an interior decorator named Chelsea Turner (Bridgette Wilson), after meeting her at Larry (Bill Bellamy) and Holly Garnett’s (Tyra Banks), wedding rehearsal. Shortly after their date, they become a couple. Later in the film, Chelsea swindles Seth into living with her and then begin asking him to wed her. To silence her, he convinces her that he may propose to her the following year. When Seth doesn’t propose a year later, Chelsea becomes livid; she retaliates by filing a palimony lawsuit against him. While they await their court date, Chelsea and Seth torments each other. By watching the scenes of “Love Stinks”, I have observed several variables…show more content…
The first phase that Seth and Chelsea go through is initiation phase. In this stage, individuals consciously and unconsciously judge each other. For instance, after noticing Chelsea, Seth decides she is attractive; this is evident because he nods when Larry described Chelsea as “pretty hot”. Chelsea also thinks Seth is appealing because when he approaches her, she averts her eyes from Holly and smiles and looks at him. They then transition into the experimenting phase. In this phase, individuals self-disclosure to learn information about each other. For instance, Seth asks Chelsea has she been a bridesmaid before; she discloses that she has been a bridesmaid many times. Seth then confesses that this is his first time being groomsmen. Also after watching Chelsea dance, Seth discloses that he has no rhythm. They then transition into the intensifying phase. In this phase, the individuals reveal intimate information about themselves, date each other, expect a relationship commitment and use pet names. During this phase, Chelsea asks Seth out on a date. Later, she asks him whether or not he brings all his date a particular place. He later confesses that only when his cousin was on duty, he brought his dates there. While on their date, Chelsea kissed Seth. After their date, Seth asks her a favor; he ask her to decorate his home. Later in the movie, she begins to kiss him but then later stops to inform him that she only sleeps with men that she has had at least three meals with. Seth was determined to have three meals with her; so as a result they spent several hours together eating. During the final meal, Chelsea tells Seth that she will only sleep with him if they are in an exclusive relationship. After Seth agrees to be exclusive, they become a couple. After an episode of Seth’s sitcom had ended,
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