Analysis Of Interracial Sexuality In Perkins-Valdez's Wench

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Under the perspective of dialectical relationship between slavery and mastery, this paper addresses the issue of intimacy across the color line, especially the dynamics of the racial border. The aim is to elaborate on the peculiarities of boundaries, on race and the peripheral vantage point of embattled interracial love in Perkins-Valdez’s Wench. Sexuality and sexual relations are racialized in a white-supremacist order and involve the privileged position of whites (masters) over blacks (slaves). However, the novel constructs a momentary breakdown of the slave system through outlaw sexual intimacy meant to question white absolute domination in slavery. This paper shows interracial sexuality as a force that subverts and disrupts power relations, unsettles the oppressor/oppressed paradigm.
Key words: race, sexual intimacy, mutual recognition, border dynamics, freedom

Whites and blacks are confined in historical restrictions on interracial intimacy. Within the confines of racial hierarchy, this racialized sexuality functions as an antagonism between freedom and domination. Intimate connections across racial border are tolerated. There are prescriptions and proscriptions for sexual crossings. Interracial sexual intimacy between whites and blacks are exploitative or demeaning. In whites-blacks relationships, sex has been a key element of boundary or border. It has played a key role in racial positioning or politics, hegemonic ideology, etc. it is part of the system

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