Analysis Of Invierno By Junot Diaz

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Throughout the story, “Invierno” by Junot Dìaz, there are many journeys that are taken by each character. Each character had experienced a different journey whether if it was a literal or metaphorical journeyed. In the short story, “Invierno” by Junot Dìaz, Mami takes a literal journey from her homeland the Dominican Republic towards the United States, specifically New Jersey. Mami takes the long journey with her family and despite the positives of receiving a better life, ultimately this journey was in fact a negative experience for Mami because she faced a lot of hardships transitioning from the Dominican Republic to the U.S. For instance, one hardship she faces instantly when coming to New Jersey was trying to learn and understand the English language when nobody wants to help her and having to feel lonely the entire time being over in New Jersey. Although, Mami was pleased with the idea of coming at first and hearing about the laundry room. There were many more negatives experiences than positives for instance; Mami was unable to duplicate the words when she would ask the kids how to say it, “Her lips seemed to tug apart even the simplest vowels. That sounds horrible, I said” (Diaz 124). Additionally, her husband also did not contribute much to help her as well telling her “You don’t have to learn, he said. Besides, the average women can’t learn English. It is a difficult language to master, he said, first in Spanish and then in English” (Diaz 124). In fact, this
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