Analysis Of Iqbal's Poetry

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Iqbal’s poetry, particularly selected poems may therefore, be characterized as descriptive poetry mainly relating to nature: sun, moon, stars, clouds, morning, evening, trees, flowers, etc.; but full of mystical symbolism. He can hardly be described as a poet of human relationships and much more interested in the relationship between man and nature. He paints nature in lyrical modes and draws heavily from poetic similes and metaphors taken from Ghazal imagery and makes frequent use of sensual observation and imagination. His poetic talent manifests itself in correlating these natural phenomena with metaphysical or mystic consciousness. He wants the “secret of nature’s order” to be revealed to his heart’s eye. Iqbal is expressing his desire to experience a deep relationship with nature and to develop a strong sense of empathy with other persons. Iqbal’s poetry reflected the realities of everyday life. His poetry is beyond the influence of modernist poetry. There is a close relationship between his poetry and his aesthetic principles, cultural traditions and ideology. Without knowing this background, we cannot understand his poetry. In selected poems has worked out a long list of symbols which are used again and again, and which every poet has elaborated and sublimated according to his personal taste; it suffices to mention here the Rose and Nightingale, Moth and Candle, King and Slave, the narcissus-like eyes, the hyacinth-like curl of the Beloved etc. all of them are

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