Analysis Of Is Jesus The Only Behavior By Ronald Nash

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Is Jesus the Only Savior?

In this paper, it will critique the book “Is Jesus the Only Savior”, by Ronald Nash. Nash does an excellent job on explaining to the reader the different views on this topic. They are as follow: exclusivism also known as restrictivism, inclusivism, and pluralism. It is interesting how Nash presents this. Nash eloquently presents this book in a way that it is easy to understand these terms. He says that there are three answers to the question “Is Jesus the Only Savior?” Either your answer is “yes period”, “yes but”, or “no.” Nash sets the stage of his argument by pointed out these three beliefs. However, the one of focus in the paper would be the belief of pluralism. In this book Nash highlighted the inconsistency of the pluralistic argument, while he maintains a Christian worldview.
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There are many that says Jesus the only Savior, some say yes in addition to other way, and there are others that totally discredit Jesus altogether. Therefore, Nash sets explains this topic with clear, penpoint, foundational truths to prove that Jesus is the only Savior. On the contrary, Nash begins to attack this theological question with a thorough explanation of exclusivism, pluralism, and inclusivism. Exclusivist believes, “there is one exclusive way whereby men and women can approach God and receive his salvation: Jesus Christ.” He expressed his reason for exclusivist position solely stands of the authority of the Bible. He then defines pluralism as the belief that says Jesus is not the only
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