Analysis Of Isabel Quintero's Gabi: A Girl In Pieces

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Gabi, a girl in Pieces is a novel written by Isabel Quintero is consists of Gabi Hernandez journal entries as she goes through her senior year of high school. Gabi lives with her mother, brother, Beto, and her father that comes in and out as he deals with his drug addiction. Gabi is supported by her two best friends, Cindy who is going through an unwanted pregnancy, and Sebastian that is unwanted by his family. Her dad sadly died from a drug overdose, and her mother is pregnant with his child. Throughout the book Gabi goes through body issues (binge eats to get rid of her anxiety, and relationship issues, but all/most of her problems are solved by the end of the book. In the novel, the two cultures being developed is American and Mexican culture. Isabel Quintero…show more content…
She is stuck between following her own dreams as an American girl and the role that she is staying home and helping with the family, that most children in Mexican families often do. She applies to big name universities and ultimately gets accepted to her dream college (Berkeley). Gabi struggles with what to do about her future, then it is thoughtfully approached, but then it is made even more challenging when she does something that gets her in huge trouble with her school and family. She overcomes all of her challenges, displaying her strength and commitment to her goals to overcome these challenges. Gabi has a major role in her family, basically being the mother figure, and she faces many challenges such as having an addict as a parent. Somewhere at the end of the book Gabi makes last remarks about her family and says, “Seeing my beautifully crazy and colorful all-American family sit together… are gonna be alright.” The quote shows that Gabi has overcome her struggles and it also shows how her family has become stronger, and she realizes that her life isn’t so bad after
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