Exegesis Of Isaiah 53

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Isaiah 53 should be a very critical prophetic chapter of the Bible when it comes to establishing without ambiguity that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is indeed the Jewish Messiah long awaited for in Judaism. Popular in evangelical circles, this prophecy clearly describes some of what Jesus of Nazareth experienced while here on earth. Contrary to the systematic way the translation of the Word of God has been divided, my belief is that this prophecy began in Chapter 52:13 and continued until Chapter 53:11. Although this passage clearly talks about the suffering messiah Jesus, we know that the Jews in general rejected Him as the Messiah and are still awaiting for the messiah to come although He came 2000 years ago. This prophecy begins in verse 13 to 15 of chapter 52 and describes the Messiah as one who would be firstly wise. This is important as He is one who would have as Solomon describes a fear of God. Isaiah then says that He…show more content…
Many times, especially at Bible College it gets monotonous and even robotic to say that Jesus is the reason why we have peace with the Father as it is said many times and loses its meaning. While reading up and researching for this, the love and appreciation I have for all that Jesus went through for me personally is exhilarating and rekindles the appreciation I have for all that He has done. Secondly, this helps to get me more confident as I add to reasons as to why Jesus is the messiah long awaited for. Growing up in a Christian household, I have just believed and shared that Jesus is the messiah because it was what was told to me as child. Now in researching it and seeing for myself that Jesus corresponds to a prophecy that was written about 700 years before is mind-blowing and helps me to be way more cemented in my
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