Analysis Of Isobel Marion Dorothea Mackellar

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About the writer :
Isobel Marion Dorothea Mackellar (1885-1968), writer, was born on 1 July 1885 at Dunara, Point Piper, Sydney, third child and only daughter of native-born parents (Sir) Charles Kinnaird Mackellar, physician, and his wife Marion, daughter of Thomas Buckland. She was educated at home and travelled extensively with her parents, becoming fluent in French, Spanish, German and Italian, and also attended some lectures at the University of Sydney. Her youth was protected and highly civilized. She moved easily between the
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On 5 September 1908 a poem, 'Core of My Heart', which she had written about 1904, appeared in the London Spectator. It reappeared several times in Australia before being included as 'My Country' in her first book, The Closed Door, and Other Verses (Melbourne, 1911). She published The Witch-Maid, and Other Verses in 1914 and two more volumes of verse (1923 and 1926), also a novel, Outlaw's Luck (London, 1913), set in Argentina. With Ruth Bedford, a childhood friend, she wrote two other novels (1912, 1914). During World War I and as a result of its frequent inclusion in anthologies, 'My Country' became one of the best-known Australian poems, appealing to the sense of patriotism fostered by the war and post-war…show more content…
It talks about the beauties of the world and how it is due to colour that life becomes beautiful ,the mood of the poem is nostalgic ,exploring the diverse range of colours of Australia . The poet constantly recollects memories of her country and how much she admires the nature’s beauty . The stanza, “lovely things…watched unthinking, unknowing day by day…steeped my soul in colour, that will not pass away”. These lines are explaining that she still remembers all the things that she has seen back then and she realises that she could still remember all the colours. She appreciates this and knows that she will forever remember these colours as they are theoretically “buried” in her soul.
“Great saffron sunset clouds, ....larkspur mountains, and fenceless miles of plain ,and hillside ...clear shining after rain”, this stanza explains the beauty and loveliness of the plains and the mountains and how this beauty belongs to everyone .Words such as “azure-stained” and “saffron sunset” to describe the magnificent colours that nature can
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