Analysis Of Jack London A Nature Faker

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Most people think Jack London was a nature faker in his books, White Fang and The Call of the Wild, but he was not. A nature faker is an author that has been accused of humanizing animals which he surely was not doing. Jack London was a great writer that actually understood that animals had feelings way before the technology we have today. This claim has many types of evidence like the following: “How Smart are Dogs” by NOVA, “How Smart is a Dog Really” by Jeffrey Kluger, “Yes, Animals Think and Feel” by Simon Worrall, and “Nature Faker Controversy” by Ralph H. Lutts. This is important because with all this evidence, one can prove anyone wrong if they believe Jack London was a nature faker. In other words, Jack London has never been a nature faker.…show more content…
To see if she actually knew all of her toys, a man tested her with a handful of toys. Of course she recognized all of her toys. Then, the man added a toy that she had never seen before, a Charles Darwin doll. When the man told Chaser to find Darwin, it took her longer than usual to find it. After a long time of thinking, she finally found Darwin. This evidence supports the idea that dogs do actually think. It also tells us that dogs do think because Chaser had to think to find Darwin. Jack London also made dogs think in The Call of the Wild too. One example was when Spitz was about to fight Buck. Buck wanted to win the fight so he thought of ways to do so. In the end, his imagination was what helped him defeat Spitz. For this reason, Jack London was not a nature
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