Analysis Of Jack Ruby's Assassination

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In addition to Oswald’s personally, Jack Ruby’s desire for public admiration also diminished the possibility of the involvement of any conspiracies in the assassination. One could see Ruby’s desire for public attention from the fact that he shot Oswald point blank in the public after Oswald experienced 48 hours of interrogation. Moreover, another Dallas Police Officer, Officer Leavelle, revealed that during a private conversation between him and Ruby after the incident, Ruby disclosed that all he desired was to be the hero who avenged the President. Ruby definitely did not murder Oswald to silence him since Oswald already had 48 hours to disclose any secret. Although he admitted himself that he murdered Oswald for public attention, one could not fully account this testament since he also announced publicly that his intention was to save Mrs. Kennedy the brief from seeing Oswald again in trial. Nonetheless, Ruby’s desire for public acknowledgement was shown explicitly through his frequent attempts for public attention.…show more content…
Kennedy would experience by attending the trial of Oswald, he would at least attempt to kill Oswald in secret to avoid any trouble for
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