Genghis Khan Book Report

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In the thirteenth century, overlook left a single short sentence ‘Let us reward our female offspring when tearing away the censored pages from The Secret History of the Mongols. Jack Weatherford carefully explored the hint of what had been removed through his next analysis The Secret History of the Mongol Queens. His previous book Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World was deep insight into the man who conquered the half of the world and commanded an empire that China had dreamed of and Russia had not accomplished before. However, one would not normally think of the woman in that period as the most important reason for his empire expansion. Their lives and even the number of royal princesses were unclear in the history as if their…show more content…
Part I, “Tiger Queens of the Silk Route,” covers Genghis Khan’s teenage experience and rise to power, and the queen’s contribution in Mongol society. Those woman were described as powerful, persistent women who inherited their father 's heroic spirit, as they controlled territory through religion, education and promoted international trade relationships in absence of his father who was busy conquering his enemy, The book tells they marked the nation’s borders shielding it from the four directions as they ruled the kingdoms of the Onggud, Uighur, Karluk, and Oirat. Part II, “The Shattered Jade Realm” was about surge war against strong women filled with cruel atrocity, violent massacre and the woman’s bloody fight. The section was the saddest part about "War on Women’’ followed by acts of mass rape and efforts to eliminate female descendants of Mongol . The third section, “Wolf Mother’’ tells the inspiring story about incredible queen who married six years old direct descendant of Genghis Khan. The Empire gradually disintegrated and the Mongols in China returned to the steppe. But in the second half of the fifteenth century, strong woman Manduhai regrouped the tribes and keep the empire from collapsing under the Yuan
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