Analysis Of Jack Weatherford's The Secret History Of The Mongols

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In the thirteenth century, overlook left a single short sentence ‘Let us reward our female offspring when tearing away the censored pages from The Secret History of the Mongols. Jack Weatherford carefully explored the hint of what had been removed through his next analysis The Secret History of the Mongol Queens. His previous book Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World was deep insight into the man who conquered the half of the world and commanded an empire that China had dreamed of and Russia had not accomplished before. However, one would not normally think of the woman in that period as the most important reason for his empire expansion. Their lives and even the number of royal princesses were unclear in the history as if their superiority and genuine were intentionally erased for unknown political purpose. The book itself tells an astonishing tale of how inept rulers, sibling rivalry putting mothers against sons and brothers against sisters and destroying the Empire once having worldwide strongest armies. Along the way, he argues that women of his family were indeed the protectors of his legacy and their ruling vision kept the Empire from being erased from history books.
Jack Weatherford organized the book into 3 parts that made it easy to gain appreciation for woman of the Borjigon lineage and deeply comprehend the female oriented philosophy of the conqueror. Part I, “Tiger Queens of the Silk Route,” covers Genghis Khan’s teenage experience and rise to
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