Analysis Of Jack Zipes Breaking The Disney Spell

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In “Donkeyskin,” Charles Perrault tells the story of a princess whose mother passed away wishing the king to only marry someone who is smarter and more beautiful than she is. The king wish to marry his own daughter so she ran away with the lavish gowns and donkey skin he had given her. In Jack Zipes “Breaking The Disney Spell,” he argues that Disney appropriates the fairy tales and injects his “all-American” morals and values into them. By putting his idealistic vision into films for everyone, Zipe claims that Disney insults the historical integrity of the folklore tradition, deceiving audiences with an illusion of happy fairy tales. Like Zipes, who argues that fairy tales validates the social norms and power structures, Charles Perrault’s Donkeyskin shows that the value of women is their beauty and for them wait for the male to make the first move. The female character are passive. The scene when Donkeyskin listens to her fairy godmother, leaving home to escape from her marriage with her father after receiving the donkey skin shows how obedient she is. Even when her father, the king want to marry her she did not defy, but instead went to her…show more content…
She got accept as a maid at the farm for a reason to meet the prince. And she had the dresses with her along with the donkey skin as a reminder of who is was which help her to successfully escape from home and restored her wealth. The donkey skin represent that even though she does not look like a princess at the moment she will always be worthy and wealthy because before she received the donkey skin, it is what make the kingdom rich. “Her precious rings accidentally fell from her finger into the dough”(114). The ring fell in the dough to get the prince to propose and she did not have to worry because she knows that it’s her and also the last one to tried the ring on. Donkeyskin had the ring fell as in she is giving herself to the
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