Analysis Of Jacob Lawrence's The Migration Series

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Jacob Lawrence creates a work of art directly influenced by visual narrative content. In his sequence of art work, The Migration Series, it utilizes the pattern of shapes, colors, and motifs throughout each 60 panels. This series signifies the great history that is related to the background of himself and his family during the migration of the north from the south. Examining all the panels in the series, Lawrence predominately used the same colors throughout the entire project. For example, in the above panel, Lawrence used a great amount of darker colors to portray the scene of the migrants scrambling to get through the gates. The colors are more of a cool sequence, meaning that they aren’t too bright or too dark. The majority of the African American people are wearing hats, and they all are colored with black. The different colors that are combined together create more of a blended texture. As well, you can see all the colors he used are analogous to one another. Looking more closely, the colors are scattered, indicating that the people are in motion. In his artwork, there is a contrast between the light and dark colors – with the light portraying the opening as the people enter – and the dark colors indicating the people trying to get to and through the gates. Throughout all of the panels related to his series, one can examine all the irregular lining that is portrayed and used. Lawrence used a lot of straight lines but also incorporated curvy lines to be more distinct

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