Analysis Of Jake Bilardi's 'The Drum'

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The death of Melbourne teen Jake Bilardi who has sacrificed his life in serving the IS. This has triggered feelings of ambivalence and sadness in addition to the outrage. In an opinion piece, “Jake Bilardi: both perpetrator and victim' (The Drum, 13 May 2015), Tim Mayfield, a freelance writer who has previously worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Defences contends in a assertive, sympathetic tone, that extremists are those who have been abandoned for certain reasons and countries like Australia are able to gain triumph from the battle ideas of the extremist. The writers targeted his writing towards parents and also the Australian government. Tim Mayfield begins his opinion piece with several imageries …show more content…

Through the visual language of 'beheading videos', it positions parents to be fearful of their children, which the parents will believe the words of Tim Mayfield is credible. The use of rhetorical question “We should ask ourselves, was Jake Bilardi's situation any different' ignites the readers to think due Jake Bilardi's 'passive figure', we cannot fully blame the IS extremists for the death of Jake as to a certain extent he has taken this to his own hands. This repositions the readers to Tim Mayfield's contention of due to teenagers like Jake who felt abandoned, which might have caused them to pay service to the IS. The appeal to reader's sense of 'reason and logic through the phrase 'it is east to be unequivocal and reject any suggestion' aims to heighten the stupidity and naivitity of teenagers who has ended up sacrificing their life in the most tragic way due to their behaviour, positioning the readers to feel reasonably that teenagers could possibly ended up in this track due to their behaviour. This phrase also acts as a sign of warning to parents as parents may now pay more attention in their teenagers and may attempts to prevent them from serving the IS or other

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