Analysis Of James And The Giant Peach

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INTRO ( 1 PARAGRAPH) In James and the giant peach the main characters are, James, the old Green Grasshopper, Miss Spider, the Ladybug, the centipede, the Earthworm, the Silkworm, and the Glow-worm. In the book, James lives with his aunts, Spiker and Sponge, who were not nice at all. BEGINNING ( 1 - 3 PARAGRAPHS) James meets a old man in the garden on the hill where he lives with his aunts. The man gives James a paper bag of little green, wiggling, magic crystals, and tells him to pour them into a jug of water, and then drink the whole jug full in one gulp. As James is rushing by the peach tree that never gave peaches, he tripped on one of the roots of the tree, the paper bag burst, and all the green crystals went down into the ground. The peach tree grew a peach and it grew very quickly. It was so big, that it made the branch bend over and was bigger than a house. Spiker and Sponge started charging people to come see the giant peach. James had to clean up the mess outside that was left by visitors. At night, James wanders out to see the peach. He finds a tunnel in the side of the giant fruit and follows it to the stone of the peach, and takes small bites of it along the way. All of a sudden James saw a door cut into the side of the peach. He opened it and froze in shock. Sitting in front of him he saw seven ENORMOUS insects. At this James tried to go back in the other direction, but the doorway had sealed itself, and now all that was behind James was the thick, solid,
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