Analysis Of James Chukwum Okoye's From Every People Nation

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James Chukwum Okoye is the author of chapter 5 of the book, From Every People Nation. He states that there are many African religions, however, in the modern context, “Christianity should be in creative interaction with traditional African religions.” 116. This appears to be an argument without any proof of what the claim is. In other words, I would argue saying Okoye does not provide any or necessary information for the readers to investigate further why and how the claim is true or valid. On a personal level, this Okoye’s claim appears unfair. Using the word “religions” it refers to a certain set of principles and beliefs that have their own say and foundation. As far as I can engage my personal knowledge, the difference between Christianity and any other faith, other than the Abrahamic religions, is the significance of the Trinity and the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I am curious to know in what respect, the author claims that idolatry in the African cultural context does not exist and that there is no paganism of any sort. Evidently, such rituals do not resonate with Christian values or tradition. Those African rituals are not demonic, not spiritual or giving honor and glory to God. This further makes me question the theology and concept of God for the author. Not that, I am judging him, however, recalling I am curious to know how Okoye would defend the beating of the drums and human sacrifices as Christian ritual as mentioned in the
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