Analysis Of James Monroe Motivated Sequence

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b. Monroe Motivated Sequence People tend to look for a solution; whenever they feel a want or need, they will search for a way to satisfy it,when they confronted with a problem that disturbs their normal orientation (Alan Monroe 1969). Derived by following those normal processes of human thinking Monroe create a sequence name The Motivated Sequence, it motivates an audience to respond affirmatively to the speaker’s purpose .The sequence contains five distinct steps. 1. Attention First and foremost, for deliver the speech speaker need to gain the attention of the audience since if we do not have their attention we can not persuade the audience ,speaker can grabs the audience’s attention and orients them to the issue use a humorous or dramatic story, a question, a quotation, a startling statement, etc. For example, in a speech designed to get the audience to concerning about the obesity from unhealthy food ,Jamie Oliver open the speech by using a dramatic opening “Sadly, in the next 18 minutes when I do our chat, four Americans that are alive will be dead from the food that they eat.” Jamie grabs the audience attention by questioning how in short time four people can die from the food they eat. 2. Need When speaker have captured the attention of the audience, Speaker are ready to make clear why the policy you propose is needed. Speaker must show that a definite problem exists; Speaker must point out what is wrong with things as they are and, through facts and figures

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