Analysis Of James Surowiecki's Paying To Play

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In the essay, “Paying to Play” by James Surowiecki, the author uses a particular approach in the introduction. He immediately states that the music industry “thrives on repetition” (Surowiecki 437). He even goes on to say that a song is a hit once “you’ve heard it so often that you’ll be happy never to hear it again” (Surowiecki 437). By pointing out these facts, the author engages the reader. He further appeals to the reader by giving an example of just how much a song is overplayed, when he highlights how frequently the radio station, WQZQ played “Don’t Tell Me” by Avril Lavigne. By using a song released in 2004, Surowiecki captivates the reader by appealing to a young audience; chances are that the reader would know the song or the singer.

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