Analysis Of James Truslow Adams's 'The Epic Of America'

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American Dream James Truslow Adams, in his book which was written in 1931 and called “ The Epic of America” wrote about American dream, that American dream is about being richer and living in better life. Also that American dream is more materialistic, that people work a lot of hours to gain things which they want to have. Such as luxury cars, big houses. They want to be wealthy, rich and have all expensive things and live in a world of money and wealth. We all have dreams, we dream about beautiful, comfortable life, with a lot of money, big houses, luxury cars expensive clothes. But these all things are not so important for our lives, we take a lot of hours in job to get enough amount of money to buy theses expensive things, cars and big houses, but instead of this we could spent more time with our family,because our parents are not with us forever, time will come and they will gone, so what we going to do? Only then we will realize that we lost that time, that time which we could spent with them, by taking care of them or just talk and laugh with our parents and family. We could read some book, go for a walk. We lose our time on our jobs because we want to get these expensive things. But we are not realizing that we are wasting our time, the time which we could not get back, it is gone forever, Today many people immigrate to United States to fulfill their lives, with dreams they dreamed about it. How said James Truslow Adams in his book called “The Epic of

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