Analysis Of James Veitch's Essay 'Why We Get Bored'

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James Veitch is a well known british comedian that bases his career on replying to scammers and spam emails. Veitch is a speaker at the TED events and conventions, he showcases his spam email adventures at these events. Veitch does live shows around the world and always has a new story to tell. Veitch shows how well he is involved in his hobby by the way he words his responses. He knows the kind of words the scammers use and how they might respond. Veitch has a youtube channel where he tells stories of past adventures with spam emails and sing commedical songs that he wrote himself. Veitch has also written a number of books the art of scammer and poems about jesus. Veitch gets a kick out of doing what he does. He understands the science behind boredom ad tries his best to defeat the state of wanting to be able to do something, but not being able to do it. Veitch takes his boredom and makes…show more content…
There is however a definition for the word boredom. Having a definition for the act of being bored helps understand boredom, but without a solid definition of the word there is no way of understanding what it is or what causes it. Studies have shown that boredom is found strongly in children and young adults. Boredom can be dangerous and can lead to bad eating habits, drug and alcohol abuse, and gambling addictions. Boredom can be dangerous with people whose jobs require them to stay vigilant and attentive. A scientist by the name of John Eastwood and his team have been doing research. They decided to look at past research to get a better understanding of the topic. They looked back at research from a German scientist from 1903 that came up with one of the earliest definitions of boredom. A more advanced and specific definition of the state of boredom can and will help psychologists find strategies and treatments for

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