Analysis Of 1983 James Watson's Talking In Whispers

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Abstract: This essay will examine the 1983 James Watson’s novel “Talking In Whispers” which depicts the lawlessness in Chile. Moreover it will evaluate the effectiveness of Watson’s style to portraying the political situation in Chile during the 1970s. The scope of the essay is restricted to the style the author used to convey the political situation. This essay does not explore the actual coup nor the human rights violations that have occurred directly during and after the raging war between the Junta and the Chileans. Instead it will be focused on analysing the literary techniques employed by the author and the effect they have on the reader on their accuracy describing the political situation in the Chilean anarchy.

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An example of this is when On the way to the city, Andres witnesses the brutal shooting of a youth “One soldier stopped. He raised his rifle. His warning voice was swallowed in the roar of the traffic. He fired. The youth was hit in the middle of the back.” (Ch.2Pg.22) The use of pathetic fallacy reflects the mood of Andres as he becomes clearly disturbed after the tragic event. Furthermore in the novel readers witness an extensive propaganda program that reminds all citizens that any sign of disagreement regarding the Junta’s decision can cost them their life. This strengthens the reader 's hatred towards the Junta and their immense cruelty against the Chileans as at this point, the readers sympathise with Andres’ perspective. It is the vantage point that James Watson implies on the character of Andres which allows the readers to better comprehend the political situation the country was facing. Taking into account the fact that the freedom of speech was completely restricted and prohibited from the regime, the Chileans lived the conflict from their own experience but were terrified to share the perspective, and that is how Watson’s style re-emphasises on how during that period of time that made history in Chile, the nation was under a dangerous and volatile situation, and its peoples lived in constant fear amid the totalitarian, oppressive and fearful environment the country

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