Analysis Of Jamie Oliver Speech

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Jamie Oliver was extremely consistent and confident while delivering his speech, he did take an unorthodox approach in convincing his audience about how serious he is about the matter of obesity and how it has spread uncontrollably and wants to finally do away with it by enforcing health education so that people themselves are and remain aware that the are hurting themselves by consuming the products with high sugar and fat concentrations. His approach is unique in a way such that he is not trying to put a ban on these unhealthy goods but, wants people to reach a mental state of self actualization and self realization that what their doing is wrong and is not only affecting them and that it also impacts their loved ones and the next generations to come. This in my opinion is the right step to take forward…show more content…
Moreover, he does so by using pathos and reaching out to the emotions of the audience which appeals to them. Oliver claims that this disease of obesity doesn’t only effect one individual it effects everyone around too for instance- Oliver brings forth a real life anecdote in a form of a video during the speech, in which he is explaining to a mother of a family who herself possess weight issues about how she is indirectly affecting the health of her family by bringing a tableful food of junk food in her house week in and week out. He shows her the tableful of junk food in order to evoke disgust in her and his present audience and tells her “You are killing your family”. This is something that most of his audience can connect with as most of them have families too and will be able to understand and feel the poignancy of the situation as who in their right mind would want to hurt their
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