Analysis Of Jan Carew's Ghosts In Our Blood

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The book Ghosts in Our Blood describes how Malcolm traveled around the world and met with Jan Carew during the last year of his political life. Malcolm made speeches in America and other countries to join all the African people around the world to fight for freedom. Malcolm X was as an outspoken, honest activist and spoke energetically about the poor treatment of blacks in the United States. He supported black nationalism, civil rights, and racial satisfaction. Malcolm distanced himself with his family while he was with Elijah Mohamed and his ideologies. Malcolm could not stand dividing the black nation and he chose to break with Elijah Mohamed. However, Malcolm came back to his community and stood up for black people while he attained more experience and saw the different cultures and…show more content…
Malcolm’s mother's was Caribbean-born scholar who reunited with Malcolm in his last days. Also, Malcolm wished he knew more about his mother. Malcolm and other family members reunited with their mother after 25 years, and his mother went to live with her daughter before she died in 1991. This is the time Malcolm said was the best time in his life. Malcolm was not close to his family growing up because his father died when he was young, and his mother struggled to support her children and she did not have any assistance. Malcolm’s mother worked day and night to support her children. Seeing his mother work so hard to support her family led Malcolm to decide that he wanted to become a lawyer (23). Malcolm said, “I hate seeing my mother working night and day like she did… I began to hate the system that made her life one of endless drudgery, so what I did was shut the thought of my mother out of my mind, and lock it away” (Carew 23). He was thinking to become a lawyer and support his mother. After he grew up and saw that he cannot support her or change her life, then he left his
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