Tale Of Two Cities Film Analysis

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FILM IN THE CLASSROOM 9 © 2011 WGBH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION THE LANGUAGE OF FILM Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility begins with a description of the complexities of an inheritance. The opening paragraphs are key to understanding the characters’ roles in the novel, but they’re also likely to mystify (and turn away) contemporary readers. …By a former marriage, Mr. Henry Dashwood had one son: by his present lady three daughters. The son, a steady respectable young man, was amply provided for by the fortune of his mother, which had been large, and half of which devolved on him on his coming of age. By his own marriage, likewise, which happened soon afterwards, he added to his wealth. To him, therefore, the succession to the Norland estate was not so really important…show more content…
See Resources. For more about the film adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities, see A Tale of Two Cities: A Masterpiece Teacher’s Guide. THE LANGUAGE OF FILM THE SEA RISES BY PHIZ (ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION OF PARISIAN MOB FROM A TALE OF TWO CITIES, 1859) A MASTERPIECE TEACHER’S GUIDE A Tale of Two CitiesILLUSTRATION BY JOHN MCLENAN, 1859 A TALE OF TWO CITIES: A MASTERPIECE TEACHER’S GUIDE (AVAILABLE ONLINE AT PBS.ORG/ MASTERPIECE/LEARN)12 © 2011 WGBH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Learning the Language Use the Glossary below to help familiarize students with the language of film. The related activities will enable students to practice learning this language and help them understand that a film is not just a story with pictures, but a different medium with its own language. You may want to use several clips or a clip reel to illustrate camera angles, types of shots, etc. If you spend a day or so early on learning the terms and their meanings, the subsequent classroom discussion will be deeper and more insightful.
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