Analysis Of Janie's Relationship With Tea Cake In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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9. If you could offer Janie advice at this point, what would it be? Explain your rationale. I would advise her that she does not need to find love or “success” in her life to find happiness. Throughout the novel, Janie aspires for different goals that she feels that she can achieve through her relationships. For example, when she seeks love, she marries Logan. When she realizes that she cannot attain love through marriage, she desires wealth and power. In order to obtain this, Janie leaves Logan to marry Jody Starks. She is constantly moving from desire to desire every time she is unhappy with her present condition. It would be in her best interest to set realistic goals for herself, and settle in to her life in a way that will provide her with the most efficient method to obtain her goal. She needs to learn how to try to find herself more and what she wants that is not materialistic rather than just settling for things that may first appealing, but will only leave her unsatisfied at the end. Their Eyes Were Watching God Study Questions Chapters 10-15 10. Discuss Janie 's relationship with Tea Cake in comparison/contrast approach to Logan and Jody. Janie…show more content…
For example, just like Jody, Tea Cake also physically abuses Janie to display his authority over her. What makes Janie 's relationship with Tea Cake different from her other relationships is that it is based on a love that runs much deeper than her motivation in staying in her other relationships. Janie married Logan in search of love. She married Jody in search of wealth and his ambition. When both of these relationships failed, she entered into her relationship with Tea Cake with low expectations. This is most likely what contributed to its
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