Analysis Of Jay Gatsby's American Dream

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Do you have an American Dream? What does it consist of? How will you pursue it? What 's your purpose for it? People tend to set their American Dream based on their past, their current situation in life, or generally on what they think is best for them. The great Jay Gatsby was set in his American Dream based on his past and the society around him. What he didn’t know is that his dream failed before he began to pursue it. Gatsby’s mistaken belief of the American Dream was tarnished by money, love, and deception. What is the American Dream? The American Dream was an idea that started when the settlement of America came to place. Up until the 1920s, the American Dream was about hope, love, the pursuit of happiness, freedom, and more. Soon everyone began to focused on materialistic goals (Hufton, 2014). The dream wasn 't so much about hope, but about money. It wasn 't about what you personally wanted, your true happiness, but it was about what others thought of you and how you looked. The ultimate goal was to be married, have kids, be better than everyone, be rich and have an enormous house. In this generation, the American Dream for everyone is different, everyone has different goals and things they want in life. But what was Gatsbys American Dream? His definition of the American Dream was Daisy. Everything he did and everything he got was to get Daisy back (Taylor, 1998). Money tends to make people do a lot of things. The world is surrounded by money. It makes
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