Jay Gatsby's American Dream

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Do you have an American Dream? What does it consist of? How will you pursue it? What 's your purpose for it? People tend to set their American Dream based on their past, their current situation in life, or generally on what they think is best for them. The great Jay Gatsby was set in his American Dream based on his past and the society around him. What he didn’t know is that his dream failed before he began to pursue it. Gatsby’s mistaken belief of the American Dream was tarnished by money, love, and deception. What is the American Dream? The American Dream was an idea that started when the settlement of America came to place. Up until the 1920s, the American Dream was about hope, love, the pursuit of happiness, freedom, and more. Soon…show more content…
He worked hard when he was employed by Dan Cody, and he got to see how the wealthy got to live by sailing the world. After Cody died he gave his inheritance to Gatz, but Cody’s ex-wife didn 't let that happen. When Gatz money was taken he decided that he wasn 't going to live the way he lived any more. He changed his name to Jay Gatsby and was a different man. He got his riches by owning drug stores and selling over the counter alcohol. He didnt work for his money, but he did work for his money when he was employed by Cody. After losing the inheritance money he realized money wasn 't going to be fast and easy to get, so he cheated his success. The mentality of money was wrong, and what people thought people could buy with money was wrong. He cheated his up to the top, he tried to buy his way into society and a love life (Fitzgerald,…show more content…
The whole story is full of lies. How Gatsby got his wealth is a lie (Fitzgerald, 1925), why he loved Daisy was a lie. Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s relationship wasn’t based off of loyalty, and neither was George and Myrtle Wilson’s relationship. Deception caused the death of both Gatsby, and Myrtle. Tom and Daisy didn 't love each other, and Myrtle didn 't love George. Tom and Myrtle already had an affair as tale as old as time. Myrtle lived with her husband in a mechanic garage for 11 years, and being with a rich guy like Tom made her feel at the top of the social class, achieving her American Dream. She had the love, but not the money. Gatsby’s life work was to get the love missing from with in him. He based his goal from the past, and it was a bad idea. Daisy and Gatsby get reunited and start their own affair. Tom later finds out that he was losing both his wife and mistress in one night. But why would Tom get jealous if he was lying to his partner as well? That same night, Daisy kills Myrtle by running her over with Gatsby’s car. George finds out about his wife and kills Gatsby thinking he was the one driving (Taylor, 1998). Myrtle 's husband was disappointed and was empty finding out he had already lost her before she died. He had nothing to live for. Gatsby getting involved in a world full of lies destroyed his dream. Being truthful in every way would have worked out
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