Jaya Devi Character Analysis

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History unveils the profound social, religious, economic, political and cultural transition that many nations have undergone since long. They have discarded some traditional practices while adopting others, catering to new circumstances as conglomeration of different cultures, emerging as new cultures. The advent of colonization caused the process of accepting and adopting alien cultures, which has acquired global identity. India which had been the ‘jewel’ in the imperial crown of the British was the first of Britain’s colonies to gain independence. The British penetrated into it as traders and in time had become the rulers of India. Resultantly, contact with the white man brought drastic changes in Indian society, which is still alive today. They left strong imprints of their philosophy, culture and language, which have been integrated into the Indian lifestyle.
The encounter between the British and the Indian princes got immense significance in the Indian history. The native princes, who had ruled over a number of states within British India, were the true embodiment of India’s rich culture, tradition, valour, pride and governance. Coming to their plight, they had a tragic
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Jaya Devi, the heroine of the novel, is an intelligent, beautiful and compassionate daughter of Jai Singh, the Maharaja of Balmer state. Jaya plays the roles of both a mute observer and an active participant. As an observer, she has seen the lives of her father, brother and husband who had fallen prey to the circumstances and were crushed in the double game of the British. As an active member, she withstands against the indissoluble realities and adversaries. She does not lose her courage after her husband’s death, and acts as Regent to her son. She accepts the changes that came with the changing
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