Stockholm Syndrome In Jaycee's A Stolen Life

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Jaycee Dugard developed Stockholm syndrome. Jaycee wrote A Stolen Life based on her abduction story that began when she was eleven years old. She was held captive by Phillip Garrido and his wife for a traumatic eighteen years. The author’s motive to write A Stolen Life was to tell the world about Phillip’s actions because people should know that “he is most certainly responsible for stealing [Jaycee’s] life and the life [she] should have had with [her] family.” Her other motive to write this novel was to hopefully help somebody facing a difficult situation, especially those who are experiencing similar conditions. “My goal is to inspire people to speak out when they see that something is not quite right… that society changes in regards to how we treat someone who speaks out… With my writings, i hope to convey that you can endure tough situations and survive.” On June 10th, 1991, Jaycee was walking to school on what seemed like a regular day, when a car pulled up beside her. The driver rolled down his window, asked for directions, then attacked and abducted her. Jaycee was held in a backyard and/or in a studio, where she lost her innocence, was raped, impregnated, and tortured. The first time Phillip sexually abused Jaycee was when he…show more content…
Jaycee and her children were made to believe he was on parole after his release from prison for hurting a woman and that it was their duty to protect him by keeping their lives a secret. When he came back, Jaycee was torn by mixed emotions; fear, stress, sadness, relief, but mostly anger. She broke down in tears of anger toward him for not doing anything to prevent this from happening and toward the parole agent for taking him away then not taking him. “We relied on him, and I guess in that instant it became clear how much we relied on him and it didn’t really look like he cared.” This was the moment of realization for Jaycee that she developed the wrong feelings and opinions toward

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