Analysis Of Jealousy In Frank Stockton's 'The Lady Or The Tiger'

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Jealously, selfishness, and being semi-barbaric can make a women do crazy things.

In Frank Stockton’s “The Lady or The Tiger” the princess leads her lover to the door with the tiger because of her jealousy, semi-barbaric roots, and selfishness. The princess could be very jealous when it comes to her lover. This man as told in the story was very handsome and brave that’s what grasped her attention towards him. A love so strong of course she watched his every move In my opinion I believe other women were drooling after the lover of the princess.

Women do gossip so words probably got around but to top it all she was aware of him brief chats with a particular lady. Our beloved daughter of the king could’ve been infuriated by the gossip. The
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